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​KALPAZAN is the collaborative work of Vuk Mitevski and Gökçen Ergene spanning over fifteen years, developing new work in theater, dance, stop motion animation, film and sound design. Ergene and Mitevski started working together in the US in 2001. Their work has taken many forms and locations since. Kalpazan is currently situated across 3 studios in New York, Istanbul and Skopje. Kalpazan's work is project-based and uses any medium the current project demands.

In 2012, Göksel Ergene joined Kalpazan as producer.

For creative commision projects that match Kalpazan's aesthetic, please contact us. Kalpazan has its own fully-equipped animation, post-production, sound recording and design studios.

​Vuk Mitevski
born Skopje, works in sculpture, painting and set design. He worked as art director for the films How I Killed A Saint, I am From Titov Veles and The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears. He designed and directed the dance theater piece Wake Up, Tito Is Dead and the stop-motion short film Alerik supported by the Bosch Foundation. His work has been exhibited in New York, Naples, Cannes, Bodensdorf and Brussels.

Gökçen Ergene

born Istanbul, works in film, music and theater, adapted Robert Walser’s novel Jakob von Gunten to the stage and directed its U.S. premier, taught film production and sound design at Bennington College, Hunter College and Syracuse University. He’s a recipient of the Hunter College Media Arts Fellowship. His work has received support from the Experimental TV Center, Filmaka, Video History Project and been exhibited at the Tank NYC, Resfest, Amsterdam Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Curtas, Viewfest Italy, Avignon Film Fest, Quebec Independent Film Festival, Candid Arts Trust London.

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